Chronicles of the Glens

Genre Documentary
Format 4 x 30
Broadcast On

Documentary following a year in the Glens of Antrim in the north east of Northern Ireland.

Filmed over a year, the series starts with Autumn. The farms, moors, rivers and villages are bursting with colour, as we meet people living and working in The Glens.
It’s winter in The Glens. As farmers battle blizzards, Christmas celebrations bring communities together. In Glenarm, Alex, the grouse gamekeeper, wins a major conservation award.
It’s spring and The Glens are bursting with new life. However, Covid-19 restrictions are making life difficult for the many small businesses that rely on tourism.
It’s summer and Glen’s people enjoy the warmer weather. Alex finds out if he has increased grouse numbers on the moor and Adrian at Glenarm attempts to hold a music festival online.

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