Billionaire B&B

Genre Factual Entertainment
Format 6 x 30
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Drogheda actress and writer Yasmine Akram explores the amazing world of the super rich. Even if Yasmine can’t quite live the dream on an RTÉ budget, she’s more than happy to rent the dream for now as she test drives some of the most stunning airbnb homes / high end rentals on the planet. Each episode is based in a fabulous super rich playground – Ibiza/Mallorca, Los Angeles and Barbados – where there is no shortage of fabulous properties with eye-watering price tags and endless other ways of spending those super-rich fortunes. Expect Yaz to overdose on glass palaces, historical chateaux, infinity pools, superyachts, private beaches, million dollar kitchens – all with views to die for.

Daydream away as comedian and actress Yasmine Akram becomes your guide to living like a billionaire. Where better to start this brand new series than the land of the rich and famous, Los Angeles. Join Yasmine as she meets the wealthy and sees some dreamy properties, including one worth almost 60 million.
Yasmine Akram is on a mission to guide you around the exotic lives of the rich and famous. How will she cope living it up like a billionaire in Ibiza and Mallorca, where she meets some of the islands wealthiest residents and goes behind the closed doors of some of the most expensive houses?
In the last of the current series, dream maker Yasmine Akram invites you behind the closed doors of the rich and famous around the world. In Barbados she is on the hunt for superstar Rhianna, stopping along the way to test the food, the sports, the accommodation and of course the rum of the elite.

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