Junior Bear
Factual Entertainment
10 x 8'
March 2015

Series 1

Junior Bear is a teddy bear who visits the homes of ten different children joining them in all their fun and games. Each episode kicks off in a pre-school and one child is chosen to take Junior Bear home for a few days. The children bring him on all sorts of fun adventures from birthday parties to train trips, a visit to the dog groomers to feeding the ducks. This is an observational documentary series from the point of view of the child protagonist, giving a unique insight into young people and their world. 

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Episode Guide

Episode 1 Junior Bear joins 4-year-old Tom for game of bin lorries, a trip to the beach and a visit to the ice cream shop.

Episode 2 Junior Bear joins 4-year-old Kitty in a game of restaurant with her mum, a visit to her granddad to make a wooden toy and a birthday celebration.

Episode 3 Junior Bear joins 4-year-old Fionn as he bakes carrot cake, washes his bike with his dad and takes a trip to the library.

Episode 4 Junior Bear joins 4 year old Clodagh as she shows him all her toys including a pirate ship and picnic set, makes rice krispie buns and rounds off with a picnic in the park.

Episode 5 Junior Bear joins 4-year-old James who shows him his dinosaur collection, brings him on a train trip and takes him to feed the ducks.

Episode 6 4-year-old Alana shows Junior Bear how to make a dish from Peru, visits a play centre, paints a fish and makes lots of shapes from play dough.

Episode 7 Junior Bear joins 4-year-old Adam on a visit to see the fish in the aquarium and to the dog groomers with Nipper the dog.

Episode 8 Junior Bear helps Martha make some jewellery, joins her in a game of vets and visits the supermarket for the weekly shop.

Episode 9 Junior Bear helps 4-year-old James build a bird table with his dad and visits the stuffed animals at The National Museum of Ireland.

Episode 10 Junior Bear meets 5-year-old Leah’s pets, joins her in a game of hopscotch and at her weekly dance class.

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