How Long Will You Live?

Series 3

Working on the premise that people don't just want to look younger but to live longer, presenter Dr Mark Hamilton takes unhealthy volunteers from all over Ireland on a lifestyle-changing health regime, in an attempt to make a difference to their life expectancy.

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Programme 1 First in Revisits series. Presenter Dr Mark Hamilton returns to Tallaght, Co Dublin to revisit WILLIE CARTER, a 50 year old taxi driver whose eating habits had spiralled out of control. Willie was extremely obese, weighing nearly 35 stone, largely due to a diet of junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. Dr Mark returns a year after his first visit to discover how Willie has continued in the battle with his weight.

Programme 2 Dr Mark Hamilton revisits Dave McCarthy, from Ennis, Co. Clare. 35 year old chef Dave found the temptations of his job difficult to resist, he was constantly snacking and had become a yo-yo dieter. He exercised erratically and found it hard to stay motivated. A year ago, however, his medical and fitness test results inspired him to take his health seriously and he embarked on a rigorous overhaul of his lifestyle. Dr Mark returns to find that Dave is taking part in his first Dublin Half Marathon where he’s aiming for a personal best.

Programme 3 Dr Mark Hamilton revisits husband and wife Paul and Mary Nolan. Paul and Mary were taking very little exercise and their life revolved around work and looking after their children. They realised they were both out of condition and if they were going to improve their life expectancy then they had to make lifestyle improvements. But it’s not been an easy journey for them, as Dr Mark discovers when he returns a year after his first visit.

Programme 4 Dr Mark Hamilton revisits 19-year old REBECCA BRADY from Gorey, Co. Wexford. Her hectic student lifestyle was playing havoc with her health and she was suffering from panic attacks, which were exacerbated by exam stress, late nights and alcohol. Dr Mark returns a year later to discover whether Rebecca has managed to keep her panic attacks under control and if she has been following his advice.

Programme 5 Dr Mark Hamilton revisits 29 year old Gaye Healy from Dublin. Gaye suffers from lupus, a chronic disease which affects the immune system. Also, as a busy primary school teacher Gaye struggles to find the energy to eat healthily and keep fit. Dr Mark encouraged her to improve her daily routine, to take up cycling as part of her journey from school, and to make time to relax. He returns a year later to see if she’s managing to follow his advice.

Programme 6 Dr Mark Hamilton revisits 35 year old Thywill Bankole, originally from Nigeria but now living in Balbriggan. He’s an accountant but also pastor in charge of his local church. A year ago, looking after his congregation and young family left him out of condition and his medical and fitness results confirmed that he needed to take action to improve his health and life expectancy. Dr Mark returns a year later to discover whether Thywill has managed to make time to change his lifestyle.

Programme 7 Dr Mark Hamilton returns to revisit IRENE WINTERS, a busy self-employed travel agent, town councillor and part-time student from Wicklow Town. Her hectic schedule leaves her with little time to look after herself and she was smoking and feeling constantly stressed. She realised her lifestyle was knocking years off her life expectancy and was prepared to make huge changes. Dr Mark returns to find out if she managed to stick to the healthier lifestyle that she embarked upon a year ago.

Programme 8 Dr Mark Hamilton revisits 34 year old Jagadeesh Dharmapuri, a test engineer for an international IT company based in Dublin. He led a stressful lifestyle but wanted to improve his health and life expectancy. Dr Mark encouraged him to make time to relax and to find ways to improve his confidence. After a year will Jagadeesh be feeling fitter, healthier and more confident? Dr Mark returns to find out.

Programme 9 Dr Mark Hamilton revisits mother and daughter Antoinette and Kelly McLoughlin from Limerick. Antoinette and Kelly shared the same unhealthy traits - they both smoked, worked too hard and had an unhealthy diet. With hectic lifestyles and no time for proper meals or exercise they were playing havoc with their health. Dr Mark returns a year later to discover whether they managed to ditch their bad habits.

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