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Episode 1 New series, starting with a dramatic transplant story. Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nina Byrnes are once again on the road in their mobile health clinic as they investigate the health of the Irish. This week’s programme comes from Cork and the central story features a son who offers to donate a kidney to his father. We follow their journey as they prepare for the operation, we’re in the theatre as the transplant takes place and we meet them again afterwards as they make their way back to good health. ***This programme contains graphic images of a kidney transplant operation***

Episode 2 Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nina Byrnes travel Ireland in their mobile clinic to discover more about the health of the Irish. The focus of tonight’s programme is the heart. We feature the dramatic story of a 29 year old who visits the clinic about her weight but after meeting the doctors and undergoing further testing a serious heart issue is revealed. An abnormality is detected and she has to undergo an intensive series of procedures to establish whether she has a life-threatening heart condition.

Episode 3 Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nina Byrnes continue their journey around Ireland in their mobile health clinic. This week the clinic comes from Dublin and focuses on stress, anxiety and depression. Model Alison Canavan tells her story about how she has learnt to cope with periods of depression. In the clinic the doctors meet a man whose life and health has been affected by the stress of the economic downturn. Other cases this week include a young woman with polycystic ovary syndrome, a child with suspected hearing problems and a woman with a rare condition which causes her lips to swell.

Episode 4 Presented by Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nina Byrnes. In this week’s programme we focus on diabetes and coeliac disease. Dr Mark travels to Sligo to meet Gaelic footballer Kenneth Sweeney who talks about living with Type 1 Diabetes. In the clinic we meet an 18 year old who struggles with her diet as a consequence of being diagnosed with both coeliac disease and diabetes. Other cases this week include a teenager whose weight is endangering his health and a young woman suffering from acid reflux who undergoes an endoscopy.

Episode 5 The mobile clinic continues its journey across the country with Doctors Mark Hamilton and Nina Brynes. This week the clinic is in Limerick and as well as providing advice about a range of medical problems this programme will focus on cancer. The doctors meet a chronic smoker whose habit is severely affecting his health. We also set up a skin-scanning clinic where people can check the sun damage they may have already done to their skin. Other cases in the clinic this week include a woman with painful, swollen legs and a man who survived throat cancer.

Episode 6 Last programme in series. Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nina Brynes are on a mission to improve the health of the Irish. They’re taking their mobile clinic around the country and meeting people who have a variety of medical problems. This week we’re focusing on problems associated with bones and joints. Coming into the clinic this week is a woman who is subsequently diagnosed with early osteoporosis, a teenager who’s suffering from juvenile arthritis and a woman with a painful foot condition.

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