Buses on the Frontline
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Buses on the Frontline

The burning double decker bus may have become the defining image of the Troubles, but little is known about the extraordinary workers who risked life and limb to keep the buses running during the darkest of days.

This is the story of the bus drivers, led by the extraordinary German talisman Werner Heubeck, who struggled to maintain a sense of normality in the face of constant threats and hijacks.

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"Excellent film about everyday heroes who helped keep life here as normal as possible during the Troubles." Stephen Gordon, Sunday Life
"Many people's enduring mental picture of the 7/7 London bombings in 2005 is of the decapitated carcass of the NO. 30 bus that was blown apart by a suicide bomber in Tavistock Square. As this potentially riveting documentary shows, however, double-deckers were regularly burnt out in Ulster decades before that fateful day and became a defining image of the Troubles. Directed by Edel O'Mahoney, the film looks back at such attacks from the point of the view of traumatised bus drivers, who "risked life and limb" to keep Belfast and other towns moving." Helen Stewart, Emma Perry, Mel Clarke. The Times.