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Series 1

Expert hoteliers Francis and John Brennan from the 5 star Park Hotel Kenmare give business makeovers to a selection of B & B's, guesthouses and small hotels throughout Ireland that need urgent help with a range of different problems. The Brennans bring years of experience of running a successful hotel and they hope to inspire others to up their game and bring in new business.

The Brennans' advice covers all areas; they look at staffing, analyse catering arrangements and suggest new menus, they inspect every room and advise about redecoration (both inside and out) and they look for new ways to exploit the less obvious assets of each property.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1 Poulaphouca House, Co. Wicklow.

Episode 2 The Ravine Hotel, Lisdoonvarna.

Episode 3 Beach Haven House & Hostel Co. Waterford.

Episode 4 Lahinch Golf Lodge, Co. Clare.

Episode 5 Tara Green B&B, Co. Clare.

Episode 6 The Rectory, Co Offaly.

Episode 7 Glenribbeen Lodge, Co. Waterford.

Episode 8 Cherryville House, Co. Kildare.

"Brothers In Bother. Just when we thought there was a sameness to many of the programmes in this long-running series, the Brennan Brothers get a chance in this edition to prove they can do something a bit different. Frolics, and some fun, is guaranteed when the finicky Kenmare duo are asked to revive the fortunes of Dublin’s United Arts Club; but how will the famously flighty Francis deal with the demands of the posh establishment’s committee? He has never helped a private members’ club before and, to compound matters, he discovers that his bed in this one is already occupied, so he can’t stay overnight. The bother. " Sunday Times 3 Feb 2013
"The Brennan Brothers arrive up to Dublin, as they've been called to the United Arts Club, where changes seem to be required to ensure it's survival. The club is 100 years old and the Brennans quickly feel every year of it, with Francis refusing even to stay the night in one of it's rooms. Further for the first time, he has a committee, rather than just one person, to bend to his will." 'TV OF THE WEEK' Sunday Independent, 3 February 2013
"Pick of the day." 'CRITICS' CHOICE' Sunday Times 13 January 2013
"Francis is what we in Ireland call 'a character.' He has snow white hair like a happy sheepdog, a pocket square that changes colour over the course of an episode and a voice that shifts pitch like a haunted theremin. He keeps his spectacles on a string around his neck and peers through them on occasion to examine the sins of mankind or a nice piece of cake. " Patrick Freyne, Irish Times - 'Judgmental TV at its very best'