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Episode 1 How do the Brennans shift this guesthouse and Mary Guerin, its characterful owner, from the bottom of the online ratings? And how will she cope once her son leaves to work abroad? Mary admits she’s old school and she’s reluctant to engage with online reviews. But, with bad reviews meaning bad business, can the Brennnans persuade her that she has to move with the times?

Episode 2 James and Joanna Fennell own and run the historic Burtown House & Gardens near Athy in County Kildare. They already manage a small café in the grounds – now they’ve called in the Brennans to help with their ambitious plans to open a 100 seater restaurant, the Green Barn. But James and Joanna’s lack of experience seriously worries the Brennans – especially when they invite over 100 paying guests to their first night dinner and the place hasn’t even been finished...

Episode 3 35 year old Finola Foley is a Kinesiologist and yoga instructor who, as well as running her therapy business, manages a small bar and tearoom in her parent’s house. She also volunteers for the Fethard On Sea inshore RNLI. Despite her busy schedule, she plans to open 4 new B&B rooms in her family home. But she’s a technophobe - can the Brennans persuade her to embrace modern technology and create a business fit for the 21st century?

Episode 4 Bonnie and Martin Bellamy moved with their family from London last year after buying Crookedwood House near Mullingar. Bonnie and Martin bought the property for its 10 organic acres, where they originally planned to simply grow their own food and raise some chickens. But the house came with a large disused restaurant and 8 B&B rooms, which have been closed for over a decade. Bonnie and Martin have absolutely no hospitality experience - and no idea what to do with the place. Time to call in the Brennans...

Episode 5 This year (2017) is the 50th anniversary of the Wolfe Tones na Sionna GAA Club – and it needs to get ready for its celebrations. However, the club buildings aren’t in great shape and the Brennans have been called in to flex their hospitality muscles. They suggest a major makeover to make sure the club is ready for its next 50 years. The club take on their advice but put themselves under immense pressure as they decide to keep the place open and try to do everything in just 2 weeks.

Episode 6 Over recent years Brian and Brigid Roberts have struggled against catastrophic difficulties, including the recession and severe flooding which nearly sank their business. They are now almost ready to give up on their riverside restaurant and guest rooms. The Brennans want to restore their faith in their business and revitalise their fortunes – but rowing fanatic Brian has his own ideas about the best course to steer...

Episode 7 36 year old Ciaran McMahon has taken on his very first business but finds it has a serious identity crisis – is it a guesthouse or hostel? There are a mix of rooms of all standards, shapes and sizes. What they have in common is that all need a major overhaul, but Ciaran has a very limited budget and is struggling to find workers to help. This is Ciaran’s dream, but he needs the Brennans help to stop it becoming a nightmare ... Can they make Portree “the place to be”?

Episode 8 Former teachers Maeve and Darren have recently taken over Maeve’s father’s rural business. The Brennans advise them to use a section of their pub as small café, update their derelict self-catering apartment and find new function room business. However, Maeve and Darren decide to big up the Brennans advice by opening a large café in their function room. But it proves a monumental task that leaves them close to breaking point.

"Brothers In Bother. Just when we thought there was a sameness to many of the programmes in this long-running series, the Brennan Brothers get a chance in this edition to prove they can do something a bit different. Frolics, and some fun, is guaranteed when the finicky Kenmare duo are asked to revive the fortunes of Dublin’s United Arts Club; but how will the famously flighty Francis deal with the demands of the posh establishment’s committee? He has never helped a private members’ club before and, to compound matters, he discovers that his bed in this one is already occupied, so he can’t stay overnight. The bother. " Sunday Times 3 Feb 2013
"The Brennan Brothers arrive up to Dublin, as they've been called to the United Arts Club, where changes seem to be required to ensure it's survival. The club is 100 years old and the Brennans quickly feel every year of it, with Francis refusing even to stay the night in one of it's rooms. Further for the first time, he has a committee, rather than just one person, to bend to his will." 'TV OF THE WEEK' Sunday Independent, 3 February 2013
"Pick of the day." 'CRITICS' CHOICE' Sunday Times 13 January 2013
"Francis is what we in Ireland call 'a character.' He has snow white hair like a happy sheepdog, a pocket square that changes colour over the course of an episode and a voice that shifts pitch like a haunted theremin. He keeps his spectacles on a string around his neck and peers through them on occasion to examine the sins of mankind or a nice piece of cake. " Patrick Freyne, Irish Times - 'Judgmental TV at its very best'