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365 x 2 minutes

Series 4

A series of highly personal short films, broadcast 365 days a year, reflecting on a broad range of religious and ethical issues, and aspects of our spiritual lives

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Do pets deserve funerals? Our reputation as a nation of animal lovers is long established, but now some of us are breaking new and remarkable ground by choosing to mark the deaths of our beloved pets in ways previously reserved for fellow humans. Mini industries are springing up to cater for all kinds of animal deaths where pets from dormice to horses, can be buried alongside their owners. 4thought examines why some of us are blurring the lines between animal and human relationships. This week 4thought.tv asks, ‘Do pets deserve funerals?’

What matters most when it comes to adoption? Over 7,000 children in Britain are currently waiting to be adopted. Almost a quarter are from non-white or mixed racial backgrounds, and white children are three times more likely to be adopted than a black child. The Government has now said it will remove the requirement that adoption agencies try to find the perfect ethnic match, in an attempt to encourage more adoptions.

Britain's Divine Businesses Millions of Britons follow one religion or another and they all need the trappings, items and icons that go with their particular faith. From an Orthodox Jewish wig fitter to a clerical robes designer and a family who’ve been making Catholic statues for generations, 4thought.tv meets the people behind ‘Britain’s Divine Businesses’.

Life Lessons Across the UK over half a million children are starting secondary school for the first time. Each will spend over 10,000 hours being taught over the next few years, but for many the most important lessons will not take place in the classroom. In this week’s 4thought.tv, BAFTA award-winning director David Modell reveals the unexpected, life changing moments that shaped the lives of five East London teenagers.

New beliefs for a new generation Young Britons are choosing increasingly weird and wonderful ways of practicing and expressing their faith. From believing in the illuminati to groups who say they were put on this planet to get high on Jesus or those who maintain you just have to ask the universe and it will deliver what you want, this week 4thought.tv delves in to the alternative belief systems that young people are following in the UK.

Can food nourish your soul? Everybody needs to eat, but for many people of faith, food is much more than an indulgence or simple nourishment. Most of the major religions have rituals and rites revolving around food, making a clear link between physical and spiritual sustenance. This week 4thought gains exclusive access to a cloistered monastery where nuns bake communion wafers for use in Catholic masses in Britain and abroad and meets a Muslim family staying true to the Quran in the growing of organic produce.

Should organ donation be a gift or enforced? Every year, more than a thousand Britons die waiting for an organ transplant. Even though 96% of us agree with organ donation, less than a third have joined the donor register. This means the decision to donate organs is usually left to our grieving families. Under a new ‘opt out’ system being introduced in Wales, individuals are presumed to have given consent to donate. But people who oppose this new system say organ donation should be a gift not compulsory. This week, 4thought.tv asks: Should organ donation be a gift or enforced?

What have I learned at 100? The UK is getting old – very old. More than twelve thousand people have reached the age of 100, five times more than there were thirty years ago. 100 year olds have a unique perspective on how religion and morals have changed and evolved over the last century. This week 4thought.tv talks to five of Britain’s oldest inhabitants and finds out if faith helped them reach their 100th birthday.